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Scales & Other Collectables

Mom & Pop Saloons, A Compendium of Saloon Statuary Tools for Display (with price guide), by Michael A. Pollack and Richard A. Penn: The "Mom and Pop Saloon" hasn't really changed much through the years. The same comforts are there and some of the same old names are still around; Mr. Boston, Budweiser, Jack Daniels and others. Politics, the economy, sports, and what's going on with the neighbors: all were topics for discussion. They still are. You could always find an ear to bend and you still can. Mom & Pop Saloons is a gold mine of distillery and breweriana displays, figures, statuary, displays motion clocks and other commercial miscellanies. Fully indexed with 320 pages, hard bound with full color plastic coated cover, measuring 8 3/4" x 11 1/4."

Mom & Pop Saloons................. $49.95
Shipping:  Media Mail: $4.95     Priority Mail: $9.50

Mom & Pop Stores, A Compendium of Merchandising Tools for display (with price guide), by Richard A. Penn: All across America, on the small town Main Streets and the rural country roads, discovery awaits. It hides in the most unlikely places, behind the most unlikely ordinary facades, patiently waiting. Waiting for those that tire of the endless concrete interstates. Waiting for those truly in search of America. Waiting for those who take the time to venture off the beaten path; for those who take the time to look... to listen... to learn. To those... the true joy of discovery is there!. This fantastic book contains an amazing collection of cabinets, cases, characters, counters, clocks, consumables and commercial miscellanies in full color. Mom & Pop Stores is fully indexed with 320 pages, hard bound with full color plastic coated cover, measuring 8 3/4" x 11 1/4."

Mom & Pop Stores................. $39.95
Shipping:  Media Mail: $4.95     Priority Mail: $9.50

Scales - A Collector's Guide: At long last, a definitive book about scales. While nearly every business and home has at least one scale, Scales - A Collector's Guide showcases hundreds of color photographs of the most collectible scales ever made. Tucked in its pages are scales for diamonds, eggs, the bathroom, martinis, golf clubs, coin-operated types and even toy scales. Size ranges from fit-in-the-hand styles to large cast iron store scales; from beautiful sterling silver scales made by Tiffany to fishing varieties. Indeed, the range seems almost infinite. Twelve chapters cover specific types of scales, including the above listing, others cover shop types, grain, dairy, gold, coin and gems styles, people scales and miniature types. Another chapter addresses the building and expansion of a collection. A resource section directs the reader to related reading and research material. Most entries include a value, which in our estimation, are accurate. If you like mechanical gadgets, this book is bound to hit your soft spot; if you have ever used a scale, or just love scales, this book is the best ever written on the subject. Scales- A Collectors Guide measures 8 1/2" x 11", contains 160 pages and is perfect bound with a full-color, plastic-coated soft cover.

Scales, A Collector's Guide................. $29.95
Shipping:  Media Mail: $3.95     Priority Mail: $5.50

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